Info : Curly Haircut Appointments

I’d love to know about your current lifestyle and hair routine.

I customize each service based on texture/length/ density while taking in mind desired goals for hair. I use a mix of curl techniques. Some of my cuts are often performed DRY but not always. I don’t believe in one way of cutting hair. I believe each person & their hair is unique. Your cut is for you.

All haircuts will include wash with natural styling.

Pricing is based of Time + texture length and density. Starting at $150+ for shorter lengths and $170+ for longer hair or thick hair.

ARRIVE – Please wear your hair down & naturally styled the way you usually style your hair.

I like to recommend washing the day before & assure that you hair is detangled and refreshed on day of appointment. Please avoid using any heavy oiled products or gels in your hair day of service

Wearing your hair down allows me to customize your curly cut for your natural texture.

Are products ok? Please arrive with ZERO PRODUCTS for best hair analysis.

I like to know all about your product routine & brands so I can factor that into your customized experience.

REVIEW – Wear your hair down and naturally styled to your appointment. NO clips, bands, braids, hair ties, curling or flat irons or any other manipulation) let your hair be natural with your natural texture pattern. *Don’t come in with your hair up or unwashed for more than 2 days

2. Think about your hair goals and dream hair.

You can bring in a few inspiration photos to show me which will assist in understanding the look you wish to achieve. However, please choose images with curls similar to yours. An inspired look on a similar curl type is more achievable for you.

SHARE – your hair journey….the products you use or if your hair has been colored etc.. Share as much as you can – The more I know about your hair history—the highlights, the challenges and your approach to your daily routine will determine a better result.

Be open – to have great hair you might have to switch up your routine & be open to my suggestions, new product routine & tips to help you achieve healthy hair.

You can always email me with any questions about your appointment 🙂